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Pop Sugar Must Have Box May 2017

What better way to kick off summer than a nice, little treat to yourself.

Subscription boxes have taken the world by storm recently. There are few things sweeter than getting a package delivered to your front doorstep, and when they package’s contents are a surprise each month, it makes it all the sweeter. There are endless options on the market today in this segment (i.e. make-up, jewelry, clothing, shoes, health products, you name it). For my first full review of a product, I opted for a box that is kind of a mishmash of all of the above.

Pop Sugar is a subscription box dedicated to finding the most up-to-date trends from home décor to fashion. You can purchase a single month, three month, or six month subscription at a time.

The box retails for $39.95 (including shipping) and is packed with over $100 worth of products. Click here to get $5 off your box.

Without further ado, here are the items included in my May Must Have Box.


Lipstick Queen in “Mornin’ Sunshine” – Retail $25

I’m pretty selective when it comes to lipsticks considering I sell a line (check out my page, Kelsey’s Lips Lately), this this tube is pretty . It applies yellow, and then turns a coral shade that is different for every user. It is a super moisturizing lipstick, containing Vitamin E, and feels like a chap stick more than a lipstick when applied.


Nicely Noted Greeting Cards – Retail $17.50

These greeting cards were such a win in my book. I love when it comes time to pick out a card for an occasion; I could spend hours in the card isle. Handwritten cards mean so much more in this day and age of technology and social media. I am so excited to send these off to a few special people in my life.


Samantha Faye Inspiration Cuff – Retail $60

This quaint bracelet is carved with “Be good. Do good. Feel good. I plan to stack this with some other dainty bracelets this summer.


Tocca Voyage Montauk 3 oz Candle – Retail $20

This is probably my favorite item from this box. It’s scent – Salt Air/Cucumber is so, so refreshing and is a great scent to wake up to as it sits on my night stand. Absolutely do not write off this candle; I have never enjoyed the cucumber scent but this paring to die for.


Swing Design Essex Silver Plate Frame – Retail $13

This was my least favorite item of the month. I am a bit of a picture frame, and after looking at the Swing Design website, I would have preferred another item from the distributer.


Southern Culture Artisan Foods, Inc. Strawberry Cream Muffin Mix – Retail $7.99

You had me at food. My sweet tooth has been extra naughty lately and I couldn’t resist these sweet treats no matter how hard I am trying to eat healthy. At least it isn’t a cupcake, right? After reading up on this company, I came to find that it originally started as a pancake/waffle mix and has since expanded. If this strawberry muffin mix is any indication of the goodness of the company’s other products, then I am sold.


Total value of the May Must Have Box – $143.49

Overall, I was impressed with the quality and contents of the box. I did have a glitch with the website which led me to customer service. If you encounter Ann P. or Andy D. during your bout with customer service, don’t expect much – they were very unhelpful and very unaccommodating.

But, if you like what you see and want one for yourself, just head on over to Pop Sugar and get yourself one!



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